A program, based on IEEE 738 and CIGRE WG B2.43, to calculate the thermal rating of overhead conductors and lines.

This project is based on the original IEEE 738-2006 QBasic code, with some improvements and integrations with formulas in accordance with Cigre WG B2.43 [Draft document in progress].

This project is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by IEEE or Cigre.

I started this project, since it seems that the old algorithm will not be actively maintained in future, due to the fact that the QBasic language is quite old.

The current version is a TESTING BETA only, subject to further revision after publication of the relevant IEEE and CIGRE documents.

You can download the software from the following link:


This program may be used freely, in accordance with the original IEEE Std 738-2006 code license, provided that modifications and improvements will be made publicly available under the same license.

The program is released AS IS, without any warranty.

The “.BAS” file may be run with QB64, an open-source QBasic software.
The program may be executed under all the platforms supported by QB64 (Windows, Mac, Linux), but currently, it has only been tested on Windows XP and Vista 32-bit.

- Download and install QB64.
- Copy the input file (the “.TXT” file provided within the zip file) to the folder containing the qb64 executable.
- Rename the input file to “IN.TXT”.
- Run QB64.
- Open the “.BAS” file provided within the zip file.
- Click on Run (or press F5)
- Type the input file (the “.TXT” file)
- Press “Enter”
- Type the output file (e.g. “OUT.TXT”)
- Press “Enter”
- Open the produced output file with a text editor.

All input data contained in the input file are provided as an example. The variable “CIGRECALC” may be used to switch from CIGRE calculation (1) to IEEE 738 calculation (0).
For all calculations, please refer to the mentioned publications.

- I’m working on a cross-platform graphical front-end for the program. It will be available as soon as possible.
- The program is currently in compliance with IEEE 738. Further check of compliance with CIGRE WG B2.43 is in progress.

Any comments are welcome (contact form available at the top of this page).