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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013


Deep, in the night, come the fearful,
fast illusions of the lights and shades.
They bring with them a story  which will
solve into that sudden paradox…

Complete lyrics/score available on IMSLP.

  Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO

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Here is “END TITLES OF A ROCK DREAM” (instrumental version), available on Jamendo:

If you want to sing or play it, the complete score including lyrics and guitar chord boxes is available for free download at IMSLP in pdf format.

To obtain a transposed score for lower/higher pitched voice please check the version at ScoreExchange (you will need a plugin to hear and print the score).

The italian song title is “Titoli di coda in sogni rock” (italian lyrics also available on IMSLP).

The sung version will be available as soon as possible!

The cover is made with Inkscape and Gimp.

The new fractal art video by Lilia Morales y Mori, on the music “End Titles of a Rock Dream” is available here:

Here are my thoughts about the video.

She’s looking through the night at the sleeping beauty in the red moonlight.
Is the little girl afraid of dreaming?
The mirror explodes in fragments that show the thunderstorming colours of the city.
Through the smoke, all the memories begin to fade.
I think I remember a parade of cubes in the streets of London.
Then, dummies in a shop window…
I can feel the vibration of the sleeping city, if I listen carefully.
Rock music is coming from a distant night club: the notes are burning in my veins this night.
I keep moving. Here, some jazz music… There, some disco music…
Dancing in the crowd, I believe I’m not alone.
But sometimes I feel trapped in a jail. A dummy in a shop window.
The nightly rhythm increases…
Now I’m sitting in a pub, drinking something without taste; the glass reflects a distorted reality.
Perhaps I’m not here. Perhaps I’m still lying on the floor, only a candle is lighting my bedroom.
But the music keeps playing and my friends make me feel alive.
No, I’m definitely not alone, whether this is a dream or not.

Take a look at all Lilia’s fractal art images at:

Have fun!

Francesco Zanellato